Helping Customers Worldwide Obtain the Cutting-edge Technologies They Need.

Technology Joint Corporation (TJC) is the parent company of the six companies in the TJC Group. We provide highly specialized product import and export, sales, support, and consultation services in the fields of computer graphics, multimedia, and security, formulate business strategies for the Group, and handle general management and corporate resource optimization.
corporate resource optimization. In 2011, we moved our headquarters operations to Tokyo and established a local subsidiary in Singapore as steps on the road to becoming a global company.

We believe the key to realizing our goal of “helping customers worldwide obtain the cutting-edge technologies they need” lies in the three Ps: Right People, Right Product, and Right Partnership.
To this end, we have established a technically advanced subsidiary staffed by capable individuals who provide professional services, being creating new value through synergy among Group companies and business partners, and making every effort possible to become a leading computer graphics company.

TJC is an distributor in Japan of the NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla. Please contact the ELSA Japan Inc. for the product.

ELSA Japan


Company Profile


Technology Joint Corporation. (TJC)


Tokyo Office
MitaUT Bldg. 4F, 3-42-10, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0014 Japan
TEL : +81-3-5442-4161 FAX : +81-3-6436-2786

Osaka Office
Shin-Osaka Dai-ichi Seimei Bldg. 7F, Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka, 532-0003 Japan
TEL : +81-6-6394-8320 FAX : +81-6-6394-8322


June 27, 1997

Board of Members

Chief Executive Officer Kazuyoshi Naitoh

Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Kazuyoshi Naitoh
Operating Officer     Hideyuki Takahashi


20 million yen

Corporate Philosophy

Fundamental Principle

To contribute to industrial development and a higher standard of living by providing abundant value centered in multimedia, the core of computer graphics


  • To exist harmoniously with, and become a company trusted by, society
  • To tirelessly pursue creation and innovation in engineering technology and lead the industry with wisdom
  • To anticipate change and strive to effect it ourselves with a constant eye on moving forward
  • To become a company of abundant vitality, developing and making the most of people

Technology Joint Corporation established in Osaka by current CEO and President TJ Namaritani ELSA Japan Inc. established as a joint venture between TJC and the German company ELSA AG


Formed a partnership with the Computer Science Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


TJC acquired Elsa Japan Inc. stock held by ELSA AG, making ELSA Japan Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of TJC
Signed a distributor agreement in Japan with NVIDIA
Formed a partnership with NEC
Signed a distributor agreement in Asia with MainConcept AG


Signed a distributor agreement in Japan with RTT AG


Signed a distributor agreement in Asia with Assimilate Inc.


Founded Japanese subsidiary MainConcept Japan as result of a merger with MainConcept AG


10th anniversary of Technology Joint Corporation


Invested capital in Xoreax Japan Inc.


Signed a distributor agreement in Asia with JenniferSoft Inc.


Founded B1 Inc.
Added Cinedeck’s EXTREME to our product line


Relocated headquarters to Tokyo
Founded Technology Joint Corporation Asia Pte. Ltd.


Founded TJC Media Lab Inc.


Signed a distributor agreement in Asia with Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH.

Panasonic Corporation
NEC Corporation
Sharp Corporation
Sony Corporation
Canon, Inc.
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
NHK Engineering System, Inc.
NHK Media Technology, Inc.
KDDI Corporation
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
ASK Corporation
Tekwind Co., Ltd.
Aiuto Co., Ltd.
Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd.

NVIDIA Corporation(USA)
Tangent, Inc.(UK)
Image 4D(Singapore, Thailand)
LucidLogix Technologies(Israel)
Teradici Corporation(Canada)
Magma – Mission Technology Group, Inc.(US)
Cubix Corporation(US)
Scalable Display Technology(US)
7thSense Design Ltd(UK)
Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH(Germany)

Keio University
Institute of Computer Science, Hebrew University(Israel)
Technische Universität Berlin(Germany)




AR / VR service for design and construction
born from rich experience and know-how in CAD / CG production


Established. Human resources from a US CAD vendor


CAD consulting for home appliance design


Sales and support of German real-time renderer and data production service


Interior AR development by server side rendering


Development of “RhinoAR”, a fusion of CAD and AR (Keio Media Design industry-academia collaboration)


Converted to AR engine for each application and started to provide customization for each customer requirement


Development of an embedded object visualization AR that works with GNSS devices


SLAM AR development. Currently being provided to the construction and plant industries.

Professional GNSS / SLAM AR

  • High-end GNSS device interlocking. cm accuracy (outdoor use)
  • Indoor self-position estimation by SLAM
  • Visualization of large volume data
  • Display attribute information of BIM / CIM data and related documents
  • Advanced 3D data creation / conversion service (optimization / low polygonization)
  • Customized development according to customer requirements (function / UI)
  • Use of subscription. Initial / maintenance cost reduction


Tokyo Office


MitaUT Bldg. 4F, 3-42-10, Shiba
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0014 Japan
TEL : +81-3-5442-4161 FAX : +81-3-6436-2786

Nearest Station

  • 10-minute walk from JR Tamachi Station
  • 10-minute walk from Mita Station on the Toei Mita Line

Osaka Office


Shin-Osaka Dai-ichi Seimei Bldg. 7F, Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka, 532-0003 Japan
TEL : +81-6-6394-8320 FAX : +81-6-6394-8322

Nearest Station

  • 10-minute walk from JR Shin-Osaka Station
  • 7-minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station on the Midosuji Line of the municipal subway system




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As a company that develops and sells computer peripherals and provides support services, Technology Joint Corporation (hereinafter “TJC”) may collect, use, and manage personal data that can identify an individual or information that can be easily checked against other information to identify an individual (hereafter referred to as “personal information”). (Terminology that appears in this privacy policy conforms with Japan’s Privacy Protection Law.)

TJC observes the Privacy Protection Law, does everything possible to respect the wishes of the individual, believes that the proper handling of personal information is our social responsibility, and protects personal information in accordance with the policies below:

Acquisition of Personal Information

  1. TJC observes the Privacy Protection Law and all related legislation.
  2. TJC appoints personal information protection managers to ensure that personal information is properly protected and used and strictly managed.
    TJC also appoints personal information auditors to audit personal information protection and improve company regulations concerning its protection and use.
    While TJC may provide personal information to contractors for the purposes stated below, we sign nondisclosure agreements and personal information protection agreements with these contractors. To ensure personal information is not used for any other purposes, TJC takes safety precautions and provides contractor oversight.
  3. TJC has established regulations that include rules concerning personal information and ensures that its employees protect personal information while training its employees in this protection.
  4. TJC maintains a constant and vigilant awareness of the risks of managing the personal information we possess, which includes unauthorized access to, leak or loss of, or defamation resulting from the leak of personal information, and have put in place both physical and personnel-based security measures.
  5. TJC will continue to improve this privacy policy as well as regulations concerning personal information protection and the use of such information as laws are revised, social conditions change, and audit results are viewed.

The kind of personal information TJC may acquire includes a customer’s company name, name, professional title, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, age, gender, type of occupation, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers.

When acquiring personal information directly from a customer in writing or otherwise (after first informing of the purposes for that information), acquiring personal information as a result of taking over the operations of another business as through a joint venture, etc., or acquiring personal information through other legal means, TJC will use such information only for the purposes stated below.

  1. To provide information about our products and services via e-mail or postal mail
  2. To inquire into customers opinions of our products or services
  3. To send out products, catalogs, etc.
  4. To develop products and conduct consumer research
  5. To inform customers of TJC campaigns
  6. To send out news magazines about TJC products and services or e-mail newsletters
  7. To provide information to third parties

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except for cases 1 through 5 below, TJC will not provide personal data (personal information in “personal databases, etc.”) to third parties without the prior consent of the individual. If possible, TJC will treat even personal information not considered personal data as personal data.

  1. When provision is required by law
  2. When consent cannot be acquired from an individual for information required to protect human life, personal safety, or property
  3. When consent cannot be acquired from an individual for information required to improve public health or for the healthy development of a child
  4. When information is required for a government agency, local public body, or contractor to assist in executing legally prescribed business, and when obtaining the consent of the individual for that information may be a hindrance to the said execution
  5. When personal information is required by the Privacy Protection Law

Personal Information Provided to Third Parties

With customer consent, TJC may provide the personal data below to third parties.

  1. Personal data provided
    The following is the personal data that TJC provides to third parties.
    Address, company name, department name, professional title, name, telephone number, e-mail address, information entered on questionnaires, etc.
  2. How we provide information to third parties
    TJC provides digital copies of personal data on the electronic media and directly to third parties.
  3. Stopping provision of personal information to third parties
    TJC will promptly stop provision of personal data to third parties if so requested by the individual.

Joint Use of Personal Information

TJC shares the use of personal information with Group companies.

  1. Purpose of using personal information
    Joint use of information is carried out for the following purpose:
    To send customers information about Group company products
  2. Group company names and addresses
    Company Name : ELSA Japan Inc.
    Address : Mita-UT Building, 3-42-10, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Entrustment of Personal Information

TJC may entrust the handling of all or some of the personal data in TJC’s possession to third parties in order to achieve the purposes for its use as stated above.
When entrusting personal data to third parties, TJC will monitor these third parties as is necessary and appropriate to ensure that customers’ personal information is properly managed.

Procedures concerning Disclosure, etc.

Customers may request to see personal information in TJC’s possession or have it revised, deleted, or its use suspended via our contact page. To prevent leakage and ensure the accuracy of personal information, TJC carries out a necessary investigation without delay and takes these requests only from the owner of the personal information, is expedient in verifying owner identity, and takes all necessary action within a reasonable time frame.

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